who here has been on a date and received homemade strawberry jam?

the answer is me

this happened to me

GOOD GOD there are red pandas at this college I have to get this job

I found a vacancy at an agricultural college that sounds fun but it’s sooooooo far away (*(00)*)

On Your Mark from Tony T on Vimeo.

On Your Mark,” is a music video created by Studio Ghibli in 1994 for Japanese pop rock duo, CHAGE and ASKA. Hayao Miyazaki conceived, wrote, and directed this short experimental film after getting writer’s block during the making of Princess Mononoke.

The music video is non-linear, providing multiple reiterations and alternate scenes to depict the events. Miyazaki purposely misinterpreted the lyrics to present his vision of a world where the surface becomes inhospitable and humans live in an underground city, and also intentionally made it cryptic to evoke creative interpretations among viewers.

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I’ll have you know that I went on a date today and it was delightful and lovely and many other positive adjectives. We went to Tate Britain, where we had interesting things to say and made each other laugh a lot. Though we met each other in person for the first time, we’ve been talking so much that I already felt well acquainted with her and so I lacked any usual anxiety or awkwardness. A little while after we parted she let me know that she wished she had kissed me goodbye. I am an about to burst little bubble of joy. I’m off to Scotland tomorrow and I already can’t wait to get back.

Uh, so I met someone last Friday and I think I have a date next week? I’ve never really ‘dated’. Anyway, yes, I am p. thrilled. 

savanna said: Whoa. Diablo 3 has nothing on 2 but is still pretty good, eh?

Oh absolutely, I was just reminded of how distinctly addictive Diablo 2 was/is. I was never really scared or unsettled in the same way either, but I suppose I’m a fair bit older now.


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