Soda coke? Oh boy!

Soda coke? Oh boy!

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    I can have puppies and a Van Helsing Dvd if I don’t underage drink?! PASS THE FUCKING SMIRNOFF.
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    "You can have all of these things if you don’t UNDERAGE DRINK." This poster issued by the Alcoholic Beverages Marketing...
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    You can have all of these things if you don’t UNDERAGE DRINK: pizza, Van Helsing, Lord of the Rings, a TV, soda coke,...
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    dogs and lord of the rings…how rad!
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    BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH when i stopped drinking 9 pizzas, 7 dogs, a flat screen tv, soda cola, van helsing, LOTRs and a...
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    Dude, I’ve never UNDERAGE DRINKED and the only one of those things that I have is a dog.
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    ^^^ agreed
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    EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS. I never drank before 18. So where’s my pizza? WHERE’S MY PIZZA CLIVE.


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